ChatGPT Screen

 ChatGPT is the dream come true for many who always wanted a robot that would do the tedious work for them. But it seems that the dream did not last long. In my case for a few days I can not enter ChatGPT.

Every time I try it I get the message ChatGPT is at capacity right now.

Maybe it's because the servers are saturated. Countless newspaper articles, posts on websites, videos on YouTube, reels on TikTok and Instagram praised this Artificial Intelligence platform from the OpenAI Foundation and as a consequence millions of people said they would try it.

In recent days it was learned that Microsoft is going to invest 10,000 million dollars to incorporate ChatGPT into Outlook, Word and PowerPoint.

Meanwhile, specialized technology portals warned that some of those responsible for OpenAI have already pointed out the extremely high cost of having this technology in operation. For this reason, it would not be strange if ChatGPT ceases to be free to access very soon.

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