Comic book Billie Eilish

At just 21 years old, Billie Eilish already has a comic book about her life. It is called "Female Force: Billie Eilish".

The script for the comic was written by Michael Frizell and the illustrations are by Luciana Fidelis.

The tribute to Billie Eilish is part of the "Female Force" series from TidalWave Comics, which pays tribute to "prominent and influential authors, business executives, entertainers, journalists, politicians, and activists".

The 22-page comic book will be released on October 11th. It will be available in digital and print formats and can be found on multiple platforms such as Amazon.

The book will be available in paperback and hardcover editions. The paperback has a cover by the famous comic book artist Ramón Salas.

Meanwhile, the hardcover version will feature a different cover by Marvel Comics artist Paulo Teles Yonami.

The comic is already available 👉on Amazon.

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