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Sell 100+ Homes A Year: How We Use Engagement #Marketing, Technology and Lead Gen to Sell 100+ Homes A Year, Every Year! 

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What’s the secret? Doing things differently than you’ve ever been taught. Krista Mashore says, “I’ve been in the Top 1% of all Realtors nationally for 20 years, not because I’m smarter or work harder than everyone else. It’s because I research and implement specific techniques that catapult me to where I am.” 

In this book, Krista Mashore will give you step by step instructions and show you how to: 

👉 Close over 90% of your listing presentations before you even walk in the door. 

👉 Generate legitimate leads while you sleep. 

👉 Use the secrets of Fortune 500 companies to build an active and loyal client base. 

👉 Use socialized marketing to gain your community’s respect and become the go-to Community Market Leader® in your area. 

👉 Make over 100 deals per year (or whatever your goal is) using the power of social media and technology.  

👉 Create a business model that fits your desired lifestyle and gives you true time flexibility. 

👉 Build a sustainable business with a consistent, reliable income stream— no matter what the market is doing! 

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