An article written by Frederic Sondern Jr. and published by Reader's Digest in 1951, reported that during the Potsdam Conference the dictator José Stalin stated that Hitler was alive and was hiding in Spain or Argentina.

Suspicions were raised this week when US investigators discovered that the skull believed to belong to Hitler was actually that of a woman. The remains had been found by the Russians and had been hidden for years. It was believed that they were proof that the Nazi leader had committed suicide, since he had marks from a shot.

Hitler committed suicide, the official story

Historically, the Americans denied that Hitler survived the war and took for granted the version that he had committed suicide along with his wife in their bunker in Berlin.

Although this version was always the reason for insights and countless works of fiction. In the film Hellboy, for example, the death of Hitler in 1954 is joked about. The novel The Children of Brazil speculates on the cloning of Hitler.

According to the film Stauffenberg, Hitler did not survive the 1944 attack on a bunker.

While, more recently, James Thayer wrote the novel Eliminate the Führer, where he fables about the possibility that Hitler was actually assassinated in his own bunker.

Others maintain that Hitler died in Argentina or perhaps in Paraguay. They believe that the submarines that were delivered to Argentine ports at the end of the war brought Nazi leaders to South America.

A year ago, the Argentine journalist Abel Basti said he had access to FBI documentation that shows that the US army searched for Hitler in Spain in 1947.

Hypotheses about Hitler's escape

Beyond speculation, the truth is that Argentina, Paraguay, Spain and even the United States gave asylum to many of the Nazi leaders who managed to escape and to a large number of scientists.

The tests carried out now on the remains of a skull that the Russians believed belonged to Hitler, do nothing more than generate new hypotheses. The truth is that we will never know what happened to Hitler, especially since some powers want the mystery to continue.

Someone once said that World War II was not a war between countries, it was a spiritual confrontation. Maybe that's as close as we can get to the truth.

Original article published in Spanish in: Juan Jose Flores Weblog

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